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Re-Fuse V2


Innovative electronic module 100% made in France for a safe vape while enjoying the protections and functions usually reserved for electronic mods
Compatible with Asteria V2 and Leto Mods (others, please read Description)



Re-Fuse V2

We are proud to present the Re-Fuse electronic module in its V2 version, which always offers multiple functions to ensure a safe vape with your mechanical mods, even with a very low resistance

Features & Specifications

  • Its positive brass contact pad is now surrounded by a magnet. The latter does not come into direct contact with the battery (it ensures only the resistance of the Re-Fuse V2 with the battery, and thus avoids any loss of conductivity).
  • Only the brass central stud (very slightly thicker than the magnet) makes contact

The Re-Fuse V2 is compatible with most mechanical mods in 18650 with the following specifications

  • Internal diameter of the tube (maximum): 19.3mm
  • Internal size of the 18650 tube that can compensate the height of the Re-Fuse V2 (3.9mm)
  • The Re-Fuse V2 spring-loaded pin must be in contact with the smooth part of the inside of the tube (without a screw thread)


  • The Re-Fuse V2 comes in the form of a slim electronic module, which takes place inside your 18650 mechanical mod, between the battery and the top cap
  • The Re-Fuse V2 is positioned on the positive pole of the battery, the smooth side (without component) of Re-Fuse V2 (plot with magnet)
    Important: Always observe the polarity of the placement of the Re-Fuse V2 and the battery in the mechanical mod


  • ON / OFF: 5 clicks on the switch lock / unlock the mod (like an electronic mod)
  • Self-resetting fuse: Permanent protection against short circuits
  • Accepts coils from 0.165 ohm
  • CUT-OFF: Cut from 10 seconds of continuous use
  • Protection against excessive discharge of the battery (2.6 V maximum)

Product Details

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