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Mechanical 18650 grade 5 titanium Mod Diameter 24
Mirror polished finish and black DLC
Supplied with a Titanide Re-Fuse V2 and an engraved metal authenticity card




Titanide Leto Mod inaugurates our brand new 100% French handcrafted range.

New: A 24/22 Titanium reduction 510 head allowing the harmonize this mod with a 22mm atomizer is now available separately.

Features & Specifications

  • 18650 mechanical device
  • Tube and 510 head in grade 5 titanium machined in the mass
  • Black DLC scratch resistant treatment (Titanium Carbide)
  • Mirror polished finish
  • Contact pin and flush-mounted switch in 24k gold plated brass
  • Mod secured electronically and lockable by a Re-Fuse V2
  • Usable with or without this module
    - Without the Re-Fuse V2: use the isolated contact pin
    - With the Re-Fuse V2: 5 quick clicks on the switch lock / unlock the Leto

More informations about Titanide Re-Fuse V2 here


  • Length 85.7mm
  • Diameter at the level of the head 24mm
  • Weight 56.8gr

Battery size

  • Works with a 18650 IMR battery
  • It is important to have a 18650 rechargeable battery with a max continuous discharge value of at least 20A

How does the mod work ?

  1. Magnetize the contact pin on the negative pole (-) of the battery
    This magnetic system ensures compatibility with all 18650 rechargeable batteries and offers effortless switch activation
  2. Insert negative side battery (-) into the mod
  3. Magnetize the Re-Fuse V2 well in the center of the pole + of the battery
  4. Screw the atomizer on the head
  5. Screw the Leto's head back on the tube


  • Cleaning is only done on the threads, head side
  • The switch and the inner part of the tube in contact with are coated with a high performance fluorinated conductive grease (included with the Leto Mod), designed to optimize the conductivity and allows the use of such a compact magnetic switch on the Leto

Note that this premium grease does not stain or evaporate
You will not need to give it back unless you remove it, and in this case:

  1. Remove the switch
  2. Clean only the switch and the tube at the switch
  3. Apply with a small brush a thin layer of fluoride fat at the switch
  4. Reposition it in the tube

Be careful to use a fluorinated fat and no other (copper) that could generate a drop in performance

Product Details

: New product

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