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Sub-Leto Coil Mesh x5


Set of 5 Titanide Coils in 0.2 ohm for Sub-Leto 24 clearomizer

Ohm level


Sub-Leto Coil Mesh

Pack of 5 changeable coils compatible with Titanide Sub-Leto 24 (and Smok TFV8 Baby)

They feature a stainless steel body with 24k gold-plated contact, a coil of mesh fiber surrounded by Japanese organic cotton offering a rendering close to that of a rebuildable atomizer

  • Capillarity and Airflow adapted to a direct vape (DL)
  • Compatible with e-liquids up to 100% VG
  • Recommended use between 40 and 70W for the 0.2 ohm resistance and 15 and 35W  for the0.4 ohm resistance

Conseils d'utilisation

  1. Soak e-liquid with the cotton of resistance, accessible through openings
  2. Screw the resistor to the clearomizer base
  3. Assemble the clearomizer completely and fill it with e-liquid
  4. Close all the air holes on the clearomizer
  5. Do not attach the clearomizer to the battery / mod
  6. Inhale regularly in the drip tip for 5 seconds
  7. Repeat this inhalation process up to 5 times
  8. Rest your clearomizer for 5 minutes to let the wick soak
  9. Put your mod at the miminum power preconised, then screw in the clearomizer
  10. Open your airflows, you're done!
  11. Operate your mod and inhale for 3 seconds
  12. If liquid enters the drip tip, operate your mod and blow through the drip tip several times until the heat dissipates the excess e-liquid residing in the path.

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