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Samsung 18650 25R Battery


Samsung INR18650 25R 2500mAh battery

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Samsung 18650 25R Battery

Features & Specifications

  • Rechargeable 18650 Flat Top Battery (without button on the positive pad)
  • Autonomy of 2500 mAh
  • Specifically designed for use with a vape device
  • INR type (Lithium Manganese Cobalt Oxide)
  • Supports a maximum charging voltage of 4.2V
  • Supports maximum continuous discharge current of 20A and pulse mode of 40A


  • Panache Box Mod
  • Leto Mod
    Leto 2 Mods
  • Asteria V2 Mod
  • Phoebe, Vortex and Hybrid 18650 Mods
  • All other 18650 devices

Precautions of use

  • All batteries can explode or implode if used improperly or abused, even with a UL certified battery!
  • Do not store your batteries in a pocket, purse, or other metal objects to avoid short circuits!
  • Do not disassemble, puncture, cut, crush, short-circuit, incinerate, or expose to water, fire, or high temperatures above 100 ° C or 212 ° F!
  • Do not remove the waterproof plastic protectors on the contact pads
  • Do not use your battery if its coating (thermo jacket or "wrap") is damaged

Product Details

: DJ4SMSG18625R
: New product

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